Air filtration innovation for a healthier world.

We are a team of innovators and industry veterans who are developing breakthrough electrostatic air filtration technology.

PAF owns exclusive rights to the patented technology, originally developed by founder Dr. Igor Krichtafovitch in partnership with the University of Washington.

Management Team

Dr. Igor Krichtafovitch

Developed PAF technology in partnership with the University of Washington; pioneer in the electrostatic air filtration industry with over 70 patents; experience developing air filtration products for international markets, including China and Russia.

Larry Rothenberg

Veteran technology industry executive, cofounder and president of three technology startups; extensive experience developing and managing international partnerships for large and small companies.

Alan Viosca

Lead mechanical engineer with a background in new product development and materials science. Experienced in prototyping, product design, mechanical testing, and laboratory R&D in a startup environment.

Advisory Board

Dr. Lon Bell

Successful serial entrepreneur and leading expert in the field of thermoelectric products; founded and ran several highly successful technology companies; chair of PAF’s Intellectual Property Strategy efforts.

Dr. Alexander Mamishev

Professor at University of Washington, and co-founder of PAF; Head of the Sensors, Energy and Automation Laboratory at UW; extensive experience designing and testing electrostatic air purification products.

UW CoMotion

As a UW spinoff, PAF is able to leverage the extensive resources of its CoMotion collaboration hub for technology start-ups.

Norm Long

President of HAVTECH; 25+ year veteran of the HVAC industry.

Dr. R. Vijayakumar

Leading expert in the design and development of air filtration products.

Holly Rosenthal

HVAC industry veteran and business leader.

Jim Sheppard

Owner of Commercial Filter Sales (Seattle), 25+ years experience in air filtration product distribution.

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